How did came to be ?

Designjewels is a webshop started up in 2011 by Alex Boschmans. The shop sells hand-made, high-quality, sterling silver jewellery made by "Entia Jewellery".
These are designed in Australia by Deah Smith. Together with her husband, Patrick Gundersen they run the Entia Jewellery Wholesale business that delivers to Australian jewellery stores. By coincidence, her husband happens to be my brother :-)

Finding Amethyst Crystals with Patrick Gundersen

Patrick lives in Australia, I live in far-off Belgium, so we don't see each other as much as we want to. To keep us connected, I proposed selling their jewellery here in Europe. I order and import the jewels into Belgium before selling them here.
Thus, what is available in the shop is what I already have in stock.

A major part of the gems are found by my brother in the Australian outback (Kyanite, Beryl, etc). Others are sourced in other countries like China, Peru, Brazil, the USA... Together they get made into Entia Jewellery.

Mainly I sell to people in Holland and Belgium, but I send to just about any location in Europe. Please enquire if you wish to purchase and have questions about me sending to your country.

Feel free to contact me via the online form of just by sending me an email to

Happy shopping !

Alex Boschmans,
Albertstraat 46
1500 Halle

Company Nummer BE 0835 364 295